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No peeking!

WARNING - This LJ contains significant amounts of the following:
- Cursing
- Fangirlishness
- Weirdness
- Perversion
- Random file- and pic-sharing

So my LJ. It's now some kind of FO-public hybrid. Fandom posts that are meant to be shared will be made public, everything having to do with my RL will be friends-locked.

If you really want to peek into the RL stuff, feel free to friend away - but please comment here, or I'll think you only want to get easier access to the public posts.

Thank you and goodnight. ♥
05 October 2010 @ 10:20 pm
This is just copied from the FO one I made earlier, so there are random other bits in here every now and then. :P

To sum up the wait: it was COLD! But fun.

An Evening With VAMPSCollapse )
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